Notification of device offline

I’m absolutely shocked this feature is not already available. Our ring has gone offline twice for a long period of time and didn’t notice till we needed to check it, making the device pretty much worthless…This is why we have it in the first place. I also can’t believe this feature request was made back in 2020, and it still is not available. As a developer, I’m pretty certain it would not be difficult to add this feature, so what’s the hold-up?

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Does anyone know if there is a setting that can be turned on that would enable notifications a wireless camera is no longer connected to a network or Wifi? For example, if the internet should go out or someone should happen to unplug the router, you would receive a notification telling you so.
The only way I can tell now is to keep opening the app and looking. If there was to be an ‘internet outage’ or the router is unplugged you have no way of knowing and it just looks like there is no activity or the camera has not detected anything for that period of time when in actuality there is.
This actually creates blind spots in your monitoring.
For example. Fictitiously, if your teenager were to unplug the router and leave the house for a period of time and then come back home and plug it back in you would have way of knowing they left during the time it was unplugged. And unless you are constantly watching the app to see if the camera is connected to the network it just looks like nothing is happening.


I have this exact problem.

Very frustrating.

Shocking that this feature has not been implemented. If Ring can push out a constant barrage of marketing gibberish, surely it can tell us when our systems (or theirs) are down.

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I have this exact problem.

New Ring user; quite shocked that there are no notifications for devices going offline. Seems like rudimentary security feature.

My doorbell goes offline once or twice a week and it can’t reconnect itself which is a shame specially when you’re far from home. This is a major security issue and it can get worse by not informing the user in time to fix it.

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Three years, and this simple, but extremely necessary feature still has not been implemented. This is very disappointing. I see so many great recommendations, that should be very easy for software developers to add, that are getting ignored. There are so many less expensive options out there, that have these features. Come on Ring, listen to your customers!!



Is there a way to get a notification when the ring doorbell or stickup cams are offline?

The app can be improved if it shows a notification if a device is disconnected from the network. I’ve noticed that sometimes my front door camera is disconnected and I didn’t know. Also the camera doesn’t try to reconnect itself which is disappointing.

My camera reconnects itself, but it would certainly be useful if the App notified both disconnections and reconnections of devices.

I have to take the battery out and put it back again to make it connect to the network again

As many have stated, this is a much needed feature. How many votes are needed before Ring listens?

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much needed. three year since the request was created.

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For an request inititated that long ago, I highly suspect that they are not adding this feature on purpose to “encourage” ppl to think that they have a faulty device or to buy a chime as extender.

it’s always my hardwired doorbell (which actually sits closest to my router) that disconnect once in a bluemoon, but that always leads to a heart attack from delivery person banging on the metal screen door b/c the doorbell doesn’t work. So yea, paying for subscription service that jump scare me every now and then.

but hey, +1 on this request if it helps. Definitely switching if this feature still DNE next time i move

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There are a lot´s of request on this forum, and they don´t do nothing, like finding solutions and implementing more features.

It is frustrating

This topic have 691 votes and nothing about 3 years ago

If my internet goes down or electricity goes out, I’d like to get notifications that the cameras are no longer in operation. Otherwise I won’t know until I open the app and see it’s offline.

+1, just found out that both my doorbell and floodlight cam have been off for a few weeks. Crazy that this doesn’t exist as table stakes for the product but even crazier after so many requests over years. This is not a niche feature.

I concur!!! To know when my doorbell is offline would be invaluable!!!

This appears to be a classic case of a company not focusing on customer asks. The best thing we can do as customers is show them with our wallets. If you discovered this issue and can still return your devices, I would suggest doing that if this thread is important to you. In my case, my ring camera’s are a sunk cost and have 5 of them given that I did discovery this until a long time later because hey, this should be an obvious capability as it is a major security flaw. I’d rather not throw good money after bad with my subscription at this point however.

Instead of paying for my Ring subscription, I would like to ask if anyone has tried other vendors or solutions that they are happy with and somewhat comparable to ring? Nest perhaps?

Given that Ring has not responded in a long time on this issue in any way, and this post does not violate the community guidelines, we might as well discuss alternatives.