Notification of device offline

They used to have that. They turned it off, because these stupid security lights have some sort of horrible bug in their firmware. They periodically go offline and then online for one minute, offline again for a half hour, back up for a minute. It’s all logged in the app, but they were flooding people’s phones with these alerts and the “solution” was to turn them off for everyone, with no option to turn them back on. (!)

The root cause remains, of course, so you have to periodically power cycle them to get them back to “smart” status again. This reminds me of the old weather stations that periodically required popping the batteries out and putting them back to get the temperature to show up on the base station again. Bottom line, if a human has to monitor and babysit a device, it isn’t a smart device. In some ways, these things are worse than the old “dumb” equivalents.

A sample:


I have a solar door light set up at the bottom of my back deck and step lights at the top.

I don’t seem to see the ability to modify the notifications for these lights like I can for the video flood light cam. The solar lights seem to be only able to use what is set as your phone notification for all phone notifications.

I have my video floodlight cam set to the “barking dogs” so I know something is up in the middle of the night and will wake me up. I want to set the solar lights to “barking dogs” as well so I can be alerted of someone coming up my deck uninvited at night.

Is there a way to modify that I’m not seeing?

Ring Mod - This should be an app upgrade if it is not.

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Did you ever get an answer to this question?I have the same requirement

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There has been a few times when my chime doorbell (The box that makes the noise that’s connected to the ring video doorbell) goes offline and I am completely unaware & end up missing people at the door who ring the bell & nothing can be heard that they are there.

The only way I can tell if the chime doorbell has gone off-line, is if I check on the app.

An improvement would be if any of the system goes down or off-line then a notification is sent via the app and issue a follow-up email.

This wouldthen prompt you to fix the problem or reconnect.

Ths same notification idea should apply when the Ring video doorbell goes off line.

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How is this possible? Ring does not notify for offline events?

Google Nest does. I get an email within one minute of a device going offline.

Its pretty dangerous not knowing cameras are offline. Might miss an important event.

What if there is a power or network issue?

What a disgrace. This can hardly be called a security camera, security system, or anything security with such big loopholes and missing features.


Agree, toy system, Ring/Amazon could give two craps


Is it true that this is still not possible with Ring alone? The only solutions I have seen is to set up my own home server, or buy a 3rd party device that will constantly ping my Ring devices on my network to check on their status. Then I have to set up a process for an email notification to be sent and then I have to check my phone every time I get an email to see if my Ring Doorbell is offline. I am aware I could just set up another process so the email makes a different sound than other emails, but why is this the best solution??? Nest has offline notifications.


I seriously regret switching from Nest to Ring. Nest had basic features from day one, that Ring has failed to catch up to over many years.

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My neighbor continues to hack my camera and take my one camera offline. I’ve called customer service about it. If they would establish an alert notification when a device is taken off line it would solve a LOT of problems as mentioned here and at CS. the agent told me he had several requests for a notification of an offline devise that he was going to be strongly requesting to his “team “. I spoke to them about this 2years ago so I don’t have high hopes. Yet it can’t be that big of a software deal for them to add it. With all the robberies taking place now it would benefit RING as a ‘security’ company to do so, asap.

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it will tell me when the squirrel ate the power cable… and then I need to change the cable.

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I am disappointed to understand this feature is still not available after it was suggested a few years ago, for a company the size of Ring surely this is fairly simple to implement especially as the service cost Ring users with a monthly subscription. We have a fairly stable internet connection so this was not my initial concern although clearly a concern when it goes offline for a security device as already mentioned, today I have learnt that criminals are targeting ring and other wifi security devices in the area with a WIFI blocker to shut down/block the WIFI on the camera systems to prevent users being alerted. I would have thought this was not possible to do but it is… a separate controllable alert like when motion is detected to me is a perfect solution. Ring team please listen to this request or offer alternative support for this concern!


I want notifications for device offline, too. I use a wifi extender and once in a while I realize after several days that one of my cameras is offline. The app should automatically alert me when a device goes offline. This is especially important now that the news is advertising the ease of jamming wifi signals…

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I have rings on my boat several states away to keep an eye out for intruders. When it goes down, I have to call the marina and have them reset their router. cams come right back up. However, unless I am curious about the weather there, I have no idea if it is offline. Usually I think about it on a weekend, and when I do look, I notice the cam has been offline for days, and nobody is at the marina on weekends to reset it. Would be great to know when they go iffline so I can contact them sooner than later.


I am having grave concerns about Ring cameras. I had Nest cameras for 6+ years, notifications every time one lost connectivity. I have had issues with Ring cameras going offline and not knowing until I randomly check. I did not intend to become a device babysitter. Someone can easily unplug a camera, cut a cord, jam the signal, and you might never know until you decide to randomly check! 465 upvotes, 2+ years later, Ring can care less to implement such a simple basic feature that all of their competitors have had since day one. What a shame!


I really would like a feature included for my 2020 release video doorbell - that the system sends my phone a notification if the Wi-Fi goes down. My other Wi-Fi devices do it. Can you please make my doorbell do it l?

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I would like to get notified when the Wi-Fi connection is lost for the Security camera. As i understand this is not possible today. I Can only check the connection status by opening the app. I would like to get notified directly as the same, when there is a motion alert. The intruder could turn off the Wi-Fi from a distance and then break in.

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There should be a feature that sends an alert to your phone if your cameras go offline.


Please Ring, PLEASE prioritize this feature in your dev pipeline. This is the reason I’m strongly considering changing all my cameras to a different brand. I’d rather not have to check my app several times a day to ensure the cameras are still connected. Our neighborhood sees a lot of break-ins (unfortunately) and this would go a very long way in helping us feel safer knowing when we aren’t connected anymore.

It’s absolutely astonishing that Ring still doesn’t have this feature. The fact that this thread is over 2 years old and it still hasn’t been implemented speaks volumes to how seriously they take user feedback.

I recently had my front yard vandalized. Went to check the Ring doorbell footage and found that it hadn’t recorded an event in over 48 hours. Looking back through my history this has happened pretty frequently.

Every other WiFi device in my house functions flawlessly. I work from home 7 days a week, so I would know if I was having WiFi issues. The fact that my Ring doorbell simply stops recording events despite a strong WiFi signal is inexcusable. The fact that the doorbell doesn’t even notify me that there’s an issue is straight up negligence.

Get your act together, Ring.


Have to add my voice to the shout for this very basic feature to be added.

I often have the doorbell going offline and usually don’t find out for a few days. Most annoying, come on Ring sort it out.