Notification of device offline

Add me to the list here. I cannot believe this isn’t a feature. How can you have security if your security system doesn’t tell you when it isn’t working?

Agreed, this is a must have feature and the lack of it has me reconsidering using ring for my camera & security system.

Please can we have an app notification when the security camera goes offline

Please can we have app notification when the camera goes offline

The app should notify when the doorbell has been tampered with. The ring peephole doorbell can be easily removed and tampered with.

Hi, can we please have a feature where notification or email is sent when a device has been offline over a threshold amount of time?

Is there a function to add when devices are disconnected to the timeline?
Thank you

I have a £10 smart hygrometer that’ll do this on Tuya. Nuts that it isn’t available.

Seems such a basic missing “feature”. No idea why it’s not been implemented a long time ago.
Our wired ring doorbell keeps going off line despite being 2 meters away from WiFi access point.

  1. Why does it not reconnect if it goes off line.
  2. Why does the doorbell have to be reset (power cycled) to reconnect.
  3. Why are there no notifications that it has gone off line.

All fairly basic really unless they want your money for a premium subscription for this basic feature.

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Please add notifications for offline devices.

Shocking this is missing.

Come on guys! We need this feature. My teens have figured out how to unplug our wireless router, therefore turning off Ring. Our wifi provider doesn’t have the feature to notify us when the wifi goes off so I was really hoping Ring offered the feature to notify us when the Ring loses wifi.

Like everyone else. Had a nest doorbell and had this feature. Was offline where a simple unplug /replug resolved it only to find out its been out for 3 days is just silly. Not wveryone checks constantly

This is an essential feature. Why isn’t ring prioritizing this?

Hi, I know others have asked for this and it is such a basic security requirement, I really don’t understand why it still hasn’t been implemented.
Please add offline notifications for when a device loses power or internet. Just a ping from your server to the device every few minutes would suffice. Even better if the device could save the last 30 seconds of video before it went offline.

Thank you.

How this is still something that isn’t supported it truly shocking and makes Ring cameras somewhat useless as part of a security system. I would really urge such a simple and basic software update be pushed out supporting this.

4 years later and this STILL isn’t a feature? It’s a push notification! Let’s get it done.

Hello, this is so basic. Hire a junior developer for 2 weeks to implement it. Shame on you.

Hello. last weekend, I was installing a smart door lock and a though occurred to me.

We recently had a home invasion near our home that turned into a mass-stabbing resulting in 4 deaths and multiple others wounded; some critically.

While I am concerned about the integrity of my exterior doors and locks, I don’t worry much because, in theory, I should get plenty of warning from the various Ring cameras monitoring my property, if someone should intend on forcing entry into my home. However, as “criminals” get more sophisticated, and Wi-Fi jamming technology getting cheaper, I worry that someone intent on doing harm might be able to take my cameras off-line. It wouldn’t be any more difficult than cutting the cable that supplies internet to my home, which could potentially be done outside the view of the cameras.

Is it possible to have the app actively monitor the online status of each camera, and alert the user(s) that some or all of the cameras are not monitoring? I realize that this could compromise battery life, but I believe this would be a feature worth having.