Noticed the Chime had stopped working tried to reconnect it to the wifi with no luck

I have a Ring doorbell and the Chime (2nd Gen) I noticed that it was not making sound when the doorbell on the ring was pushed. I looked on the app and it said that it was offline. I tried to follow the instructions to reset it however the green light would never go to flashing after pressing for 5 seconds or 15 seconds. I tried unplugging it for several minutes and plugging it back in and the little green light never flashes to reconnect it to the wifi. It is literally feet from the router so that is not an issue and it’s on the other side of the wall from the doorbell that has great signal as well. So I tried to remove and re-add the device and I am stuck in the same loop when needing to get the light to flash green to reconnect it. So now it’s not even listed as a device. Any ideas?

I am having similar issues. Have reinstalled the app, pressed the reset button, powered off my router, shutdown Bluetooth on my phone but the problem keeps returning. I removed the chime from my phone and tried to reinstall. Once I am asked to connect to the chime (when the green light is flashing) I press connect and quickly my phone (Android) logs on to the ring setup wifi signal. A brief message Connected appears in my screen and then the app returns to the screen asking if the green light is flashing. When I press connect than the app goes to the next screen and nothing happens anymore even though my phone is still connected to the ring network. Seems like glitch in the App software.

Maybe somebody knows a solution for this.

Hi neighbors. If your Ring Chime is offline and you’re having trouble reconnecting it to wifi, try resetting the Chime by holding down the reset button on the side for at least 15 seconds. If the Chime isn’t responding, try plugging it into a different outlet to ensure it is receiving power. If you’re running into problems when you’re trying to complete the setup in the Ring app, try some of the troubleshooting steps listed here. Should this concern persist despite all troubleshooting attempts, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

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