Not Very Smart

So the battery in my Ring spotlite died a couple months ago. Since I have another brand security cameras set up also I didn’t bother with it. Now I am deciding to set up the Ring Spotlite once again but they have this 2 factor authentication which is keeping me from setting it up.
It tells me to use a code sent to my email. I go to my email and it has instructions for setting up a verification code which tells me to use the Spotlite app but I cannot get into the app because I don’t have a authentication code.
Maybe it’s just me but it does not make sense but that’s okay because I can take down the Ring Spotlite and use any of the various other home security products by other brands who think their authentication processes through.

I had no issues setting up my 2FA and I use a password
manager that supports TOTP.
See if this helps you get it setup. Enhancing Security with Two-Step Verification – Ring Help