Not recording some motions

So I noticed it hasn’t been recording some motions even though I have everything on and everything set to most frequent etc which makes me lose more battery life but just now someone came to my door and I needed that recording and when I went back to look at the recording it wasn’t there so it never recorded although the person was right by the doorbell. What’s the point in having a ring doorbell when it’s not even picking up when someone is right at your door next to the doorbell? It’s all paid for the subscription so I know it’s not that and it has 62% battery so I know it’s not that. It’s also recording motion because it got another person on there after and before that. Can someone help me as I need that conversation that should have been recorded?!

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Hi @user68951. If an event wasn’t detected, there will not be a recording of that event made since it wasn’t detected and recorded. Issues with motion detection are best resolved by adjusting the motion settings. It’s important to review the Motion Zones and the Motion Sensitivity and make changes as needed. If you have a battery powered Doorbell, you will also see the Motion Frequency option that you can adjust.

Please also keep in mind that after your Doorbell records an event, it may take a moment for it to process that video. If events happen right after one another, your Doorbell could still be processing a previous event. If you have persistent issues with motion detection, please follow up with our support team for one-on-one troubleshooting assistance.