Not receiving verification code

I have an existing account created for one of our business locations, and we are not able to sign into that account. Both the app and the website say that they have sent a verification code, but we never receive it. I am the email administrator for our organization and I can confirm that the messages are not getting caught in any spam filtering – they’re not reaching our mail server in the first place.

I created a second account for troubleshooting, and for this second account, I am receiving the email verification messages. This makes me think that perhaps there’s a disconnect between the username for the account and the email address to which the emails are being sent. i.e. if the account name is actually, but for some reason the account email address is set to (because someone made a typo or something?), and that’s why I’m not seeing those messages hit my mail server, not even addressed to the wrong address in our domain.

On a side note, the support model here is very frustrating. Supposedly chat support exists, except it’s really just a bot to give you KB articles? Supposedly phone support exists. Except all roads lead to “if you can sign in to the app, press 1. If you can sign into, press 2. If you have a one-time code, press 3.” Like, uh… none of those… can I talk to a person please? Can I just email or create a support ticket? Nope, oh all I can do is make a community post. Cool.

Sorry, I started ranting and forgot one more pertinent point. Why not just ditch the old account and use the new one? Well, I don’t know enough about how the ring devices are configured – can I just take ownership of an existing registered device? So I’m looking for an official answer to that question before I try.

We’re here to help, @POLARIS-IT-OPS! At Ring, we value your security and your privacy. While keeping this in mind, we also want to ensure for the best neighbor experience. Given the details of your situation, if the information in our two step verification help center article did not help, our Change of Ownership process should. Attempting a new setup on the Ring devices should prompt a verification email to the previous address used as owner. Keep in mind, if you are needing to recover or keep videos from the previous account, changing ownership would not be the process to follow and further steps for gaining access might be needed. If so, Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

Thanks for the response Marley.

I will try to change ownership. However, I’m skeptical it will work. I’m not receiving emails from RING to our mail server for this account, so I doubt I’ll receive the email authorizing to release ownership of the device. But let’s not jump to conclusions; I’ll try it.

If I do need to contact phone support, via the numbers you provided, how do I get to talk to a person? The phone tree wants me to authenticate using the app or the website or a one-time code, and I can’t do any of those things with the account in question. Should I use this second account in order to get through the phone tree and talk to a person about the account that’s actually a problem?

Great question, @POLARIS-IT-OPS! As this scenario is regarding account access concerns and changing ownership, it will be best to bypass these prompts, in which our support team member can help further from there. To get through to support after calling the number and selecting your desired language:

  1. select option 6 for “Account”,
  2. select option 1 (even though you are unable to access the Ring account desired, you can still access the app itself)
  3. then wait for all of the prompts until you hear option 3 “continue with standard support”.

After selecting option 3, you’ll be forward to our support team for assistance. :slight_smile:

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