Not much support for hearing impaired users

Firstly, it’s pretty disappointing that the only method of support available is a telephone number. Guess what, some people especially the hearing impaired are unable to use this method and you don’t appear to offer any other options.

I bought a wired doorbell to replace my first gen wireless version.

I’ve been on the basic plan for years, I noticed as soon as I set up the new wired doorbell, I was put on a months trial and I’ve been getting reminders this week advising that it’s about to end. I didn’t care too much as I already pay monthly, however…

This morning I noticed that I can no longer view events, its now telling me I need a plan well duuuuur, I have that plan, why am I having this issue? How can I sort it without phoning you?

I pay monthly for the security of being able to see events when I’m not around and I’m not getting that now, please advise.

Hi @Naakt. If you still have your original Ring Doorbell in your Ring account, your Ring Protect plan is likely still being applied to that Doorbell. I’d recommend saving any videos you need from this Doorbell, then cancel your Ring Protect plan and remove the original Doorbell. Once you’ve done that, you can subscribe to the Basic plan for your new Doorbell and you’ll be all set. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: