Not connecting

Hi had a ring 3 plus set up for two weeks now. Seems all ok. Until today. No notifications, The wife rang the bell and nothing.
I’ve turned WiFi on and off. I’ve added a wifi extender. Signal sits around 64. Now it’s 83. Wont connect to live view. At all. Last motion was 8Am this morning. Any help thanks.

Hi @Spartan. With a RSSI of -83, you are going to have suboptimal performance from your Ring Video Doorbell. Try moving your wifi extender to a different location to achieve a better signal. You can also look into a Chime Pro, which is a wifi extender used specifically for Ring devices. I hope this information helps.

Spartan would not add the chime pro that does not work either, I have the same situation and had a chime module fitted and set up but could not go live. Ring suggested Chime Pro to extend Wi-fi but at additional cost of another £49 it still does not work. It’s Rings way of getting you to spend money on accessories they don’t work, all this is along side push subscriptions. Paying for the cameras is exspensive enough in this present climate.

Hiya. I was going to reply roughly the same. I checked the reviews of the chime and too many have said it’s a waste of money. Your wifi has to be perfect for it to work regularly ive found. What they need to design is a hard wired version. Not ideal running a data cable but would be so much better.