Not allowed to post information about suspicious activity

About a month ago, my neighbor posted a video of someone taking a package from her porch. She shared information about it to the police And me including the vehicle make and model. You could not see clearly where the Thief had the package in her hand when she walked away but could see her touching the packages. However I had walked my dog and saw two packages on the porch. Within a short period of time, the video was recorded and one of the packages was gone. There were no that no other videos recorded in that time. When she posted it, several people defended the thief as if the package was not taken. I see that all the time where people post suspicious activities and a bunch of people basically tell them they’re paranoid and call them liars. I tried to Post an activity where the same make and model vehicle was parked outside my house at 9:45 pm. Amazon had just delivered and the car drove off quickly when i got my package off the porch. Once again, they were parked on the wrong side of the street. When I first saw them through my bedroom window they were looking directly at my porch. But I am not allowed to post this. The reason is that neighbors are complaining about false crime. Wouldn’t you rather be notified of a potential crime? I feel that the community is more interested in protecting criminals then the ring subscribers. As a result we are getting a different device. We are disgusted by Ring as well as people in general. This is kind of thing that makes people angry and at odds with each other. Ring has been taken over by trolls. When people report strangers being in their backyard at 2 AM, people even make excuses for them.

Amazon delivering packages at 9:45pm? That’s odd……

Not unheard of. I’ve had them delivered after 10 PM, my bedtime, and I find the package in the morning.

Sorry to hear about this experience, @Lbj35423. Whenever you see something you do not like in the Neighbors by Ring app, you can flag the content or user for further review from our team. Check out the Guidelines for the Neighbor’s app here.

This Community is a public neighbor to neighbor forum about all things Ring, however, it is not an extension of the Neighbors by Ring app. This neighborhood related concern may be best to post in other apps such as NextDoor or other local social media platforms where your can share this information with your close friends / family and neighbors.

Of course, you’re welcome to follow up with the Neighbors App team directly, as we here at the Community won’t have any information on why your post was removed. You can send an email to and provide the reason for the inquiry, and any additional information that may help facilitate the resolution of the inquiry (e.g. screenshots of the posts or comments in question).

Reaching out to the Neighbors App team via that email directly is the best way to learn why your post was removed and to receive additional clarification on what type of information you can share on the Neighbors App. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: