NOT a new product - Spotlight Cam Pro Wired

For those of you (like me) who have been waiting for the “new” Spotlight Cam Pro wired - it isn’t happening! I ordered 2 and received 2 Spotlight Cam Pro Battery. I called to tell them they mailed the wrong items, and 1.5 hours later (I screenshot my call!) it was confirmed that they don’t actually have a new wired product so they send you the Battery version and will mail hardwire kits separately (still waiting for them). HOW on earth are they getting away with falsely advertising a new product online they actually don’t have and just repurposing an existing product supplementing it with an accessory? That’s just wrong.

Same for me, i just received the new spotlight cam pro battery and a separate hardwire kit.
There is something wrong i feel like the camera will have problems in case of rain, there is nothing to protect the usbc conector from the rain.

I’ve had to report them to trading standards, I’d do the same if I were you because the more incidents the further they’ll take the investigation.

I had similar issues myself. A usb c connector isn’t waterproof and the ring people sent out the wrong items three times. I feel like the customer service has gone downhill massively