Non Subscription Viewing

Hi Ring,

  As a non-subscription member, I would like to see where ring offer a 24 hour view of Ring events for non-subscription members. After 24hours those events could be made inaccessible. Reasoning: It would assist those members with blotchy internet connections the ability to go back within a 24hour timeframe to check alerts. I had to recently cancel my subscription due to consistent blotchy connections (from my internet provider), but I was unaware that I was only able to to see live events as a non subscription member. What's behind the concept of not letting a non-subscription member the ability to view events at least within the last/past 24 hours? We've already purchased the equipment, I bet your non-subscription members would greatly appreciate it and probably would provide more referals.
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Excellent feedback @Nigel21! Feel free to add this as a feature request on our Feature Request Board, so other neighbors can share interest while we share the feedback with our teams.

We highly recommend subscribing to one of our plans as it can feature many benefits beyond just recording. The saved recordings is, of course, the most important feature of our Protect plans. Without a plan your devices will still operate as intended but video will only be accessible through live streaming an event, or live viewing.

Our Protect Plus plan not only covers all Ring Cameras at one location, but also provides exclusive features, discounts, and professional monitoring if you own a Ring Alarm system. Check out our Protect Plans page to learn more! :slight_smile: