Noise in the signal after installing the Ring intercom Fermax 8039

I have purchased an intercom ring and have carried out the installation according to the app for a Fermax 8039 citymax, I think everything is fine, I have attached an image of the wiring carried out. Everything works correctly except for the microphone of the street intercom, in which you can hear a continuous and annoying noise but not the voice of the speaker. In the other direction phone → street does work. Also the door opens correctly. Where could I be in error? I don’t know if it’s a problem with the installation or the device.

Hi @Aneyros. Welcome to the Ring Community!
Thank you for sharing with us the information and the wiring picture.
Based on the photo provided I can confirm that your device is Fermax 101CI07A.
Please restart the setting of your Ring Intercom and make sure to select the Fermax, 101CI07A.
Let us know if this resolved the issue.
We look forward to hearing back from you.

I have the same Fermax 101CI07A and the same problem. Any solution for that? I only hear noise in the ring

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