No torx security screws in my doorbell kit

TORX included? No, Out of stock. Well how about the other doorbell? Out of stock. For any doorbell? Out of stock. I get the imression you just sent out a large batch of new equipment without torx screws included in any of them (bad quality control) and people like me are running into the “Do you have your torx security screws?” To which the answer is no. But we can’t get a replacement kit and the only way to continue with the set-up is to say we located them. Well, I can’t. I haven’t, and I’m not agreeing to a thing that isn’t true because then I’ll never be allowed back to the part that allows me to get a replacement kit if you ever get some in stock. So the doorbell is going back in the box. Bloody wasted an evening with this already. Could’ve had it done by now!
So, when will we see more kits available? Some time next year?

Hi @Securetorxtalks. The required hardware is always included with Ring devices. Sometimes, it can get lost within the packaging, as it is rather small and easily misplaced. If for some reason, you cannot find the included screws, feel free to follow up with our support team. You can also get in touch by sending a private message @Ring on Facebook or Twitter.

Oh Tom, I was absolutely convinced they were not in the box. I had taken all the contents out a bit at a time whilst sat at a cleared table and I had everything that was included. No torx. I was about to tell you this but to humour you, I went back to the table and just checked one last time. Guess what I found. I’m sorry I doubted. What an oaff. Right, I’m off to set up my RING Doorbell. Your canfidence drove me to find them. Thanks!

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Hi @Securetorxtalks. Happy to hear that you were able to find the hardware! Let us know how you are enjoying your new doorbell, and if you have any questions, we’re always here to help!

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