No Receipt for purchase of Ring Hardware

After purchasing nearly $300 of doorbell and accessories on October 27, I still have NO RECEIPT. I got an email confirming my purchases with an order and tracking number…but no itemized receipt. I called customer service to ask for a receipt and 48 hours later…still NO RECEIPT, even after providing my order number. How can it be so hard to get a receipt when I have the order number?

I did not get all the items I ordered (missing a spare battery pack), but without a receipt from Ring, all I have is my PayPal total.

Since it seems that Ring has some serious issues with providing receipts across a number of services, I am thinking of now working through PayPal to get my refund.

Has anyone had similar experience on a purchase of hardware?

Log into your account and go to your Order History for your receipt.
Order History (

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