No outgoing voice from Alexa Devices

There is no outgoing voice from Alexa devices. Issue has already been reported to Ring support desk for over a week but no update yet.

Communication is good if connection is initiated form Alexa or if the ring doorbell is answered from Phone App. The issue of no voice going our surfaces only when the doorbell is answered from Alexa Device.

The video doorbell is brand new and is hardwired. Initially we doubted the HW and replaced the doorbell with a new one but nothing changed.

Hi @Deepak_ring. This sounds like the concern brought up in this thread here. We have brought this to the attention of our team so rest assured it is being looked into. Whenever we have any updates or any additional information to share, it’ll be shared in that thread. In the meantime, feel free to join the conversation there, and call out anything else if you notice something that may be helpful to our team or to other neighbors. :slight_smile: