No Orders appear in my account Order History

I have placed 3 orders with and NOT even one of them appears in my Order History.
Any idea why?


Same email address for all orders and same email address on my Ring account

When you click on the link to View your order in the email you received does it take you to the order?

It does. For each and every order but they NEVER appear in my Order History for my account.

They just shipped my last 2 orders to my OLD address even though I specifically made SURE that the correct address was selected on the order. Now I need to wait for post office forwarding to complete. Grr.

Also, part of one of my orders is delayed, which is OK, but there is no evidence anywhere of the status of that order. The only thing I have is an email that I asked the Customer Service rep to send me so that I have evidence of the outstanding products.

My email address is the same on ALL orders yet none of them show up in Order History.


My very first order for an alarm kit and doorbell was ordered without a Ring account. I created a Ring account AFTER the order. I also linked and then unlinked (by Customer Service request) my Amazon account.

There is something seriously wrong with the Ring ordering system(s).

None of us fellow users can do anything for you as we don’t have access to your account info. You’ll have to reach out to Ring Support to get your accounts fixed.

Just thought others would have had the very same issue and hear any rosolution.
And I DID reach out to Customer Support and explained the issue. That was days ago. Still no fix.
I also though that this Community was monitored by Ring as an alternative to calls. I guess not so I go back and call yet again.

@SolarEclipse : Thank you for responding I appreciate it very much that you took the time.