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Hello, this is Sneakernet and I’m deaf. There’s some missing options that I’m unable to select in IFTTT app. Recently our Sonic Alert doorbell with strobe lights died. So I decided to move forward to use Phillips Hue which is currently connected to Nest Protect (Smoke alarm). I also have Spotlight and Floodlight cams. I did little bit of research to see if this Ring Wired doorbell will work with Phillips Hue, indeed it does. So I purchase Ring Wired Doorbell and I hooked all up beautiful. Next thing is to set up IFTTT to connect between Ring and Phillips Hue. To my dismay and frustration of being deaf. There’s no options to select only to push the doorbell button to give off Phillips Hues flashing lights. I do not want the motion detection to give off the flashing light! People can go in and out of the door giving false flashing light that someone is at the door. So I appreciated to have someone to create API to have options to select which door bell to be active and only use “push doorbell button” trigger the flashing lights. Not Motion puleeassse. Here’s the picture below: