No notifications or sound for shared user

My husband and I bought a Ring doorbell with an Echo Show for each of us, as we are in separate rooms. He set it up so he became with Owner, but he shared it with me. So far so good, but while he gets a sound and notification when the doorbell rings, or motion is detected, I get nothing. Despite doing all the things I have learned to set up notifications on phone and Show, I get nothing at all. The Show can see the doorbell and record video, so can my phone, so it’s recognised and working, but I need to have a visible and audio doorbell notification to know there is someone there. Is it only my husband who can get those? That seems crazy. We both need to know. If he goes out and takes his phone, I have no way to know if there’s someone at the door - which defeats the whole object of spending this much money!

Hi @trishderby. Every phone connected to the Ring app should be able to get notifications. What is the make and model of your cell phone? For your Alexa devices, you can visit here.

Suddenly, as if by magic, my shared Echo and phone app are now announcing someone at the door. I don’t know what changed, but I do wonder if there was a software update a few days ago as the WiFi went down for all the devices. Hmmm, well I don’t know, I’m mystified by the change BUT I’m delighted!!! I do hope this will continue. (We bought a chime before, for me to use, but have now set that up elsewhere in the hopes my own devices will keep on announcing.)

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Hi @trishderby. I’m gald to hear that this is now working for you.

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