No notification sound

Hello all,

To received sound from my notifications, (doorbell and motion) I have to turn the bluetooth on my phone off then on again then hey presto it works again.

I’m having to do this every day and if I forget I miss peope at my door.

Ring customer services have been through all the troubleshooting and say it’s my phone at fault.

I have an Samsung Android phone, but Samsung say the fault lies with Ring.

Stuck in the middle with no permanent solution.

Any advice welcome.


Hi @Jaysadie. At times, having Bluetooth enabled on your phone will interfere with notifications from the Ring app. If disabling Bluetooth on your phone solved not getting a sound from your Ring app notifications, it’s best to keep it off when you want to hear a sound with your notifications.


Turned Bluetooth off/on/off, makes no difference.

Went on advice from Ring saying it must be my phone so just bought a new Samsung S21+ and exactly the same issues.

Wasted my money buying new phone.

Only thing that temporarily works now is to uninstall Ring app then reinstall.

Works for a few hours then back to square one.

Regretting my investment now.

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OK, Ring customer support have been great trying to help but it seems there’s an issue with my phone and I believe this to be true.

I’m going to contact Samsung to see if they can sort any conflicting issues with the Ring app.

In the mean time to fix it but only temporarily is to either un/re install app, restart my phone, sign out then back in to the app or lastly to remove/re allow permissions of the Ring app which is the quickest way.

Anybody who has a Samsung phone with issues the same as me keep checking here and I’ll see what Samsung says.

Hi @Jaysadie. Thanks for sharing that update here. Hopefully Samsung’s support is able to help resolve this issue affecting your notifications.

I have recently purchased my Ring doorbell and have exactely the same problem, guess what i have a Samsung!! Very frustrating.

I have a Samsung 22 no issues! Ring doorbell 4

I have had the same issue with my Samsung S22. If I reboot the phone, it works temporarily. I always get the notifications on my phone only no audio when this happens. My wife’s Apple phone has no issues. This has been the case from day one (six months) . I wish ring would figure out what the issue is. I am wondering if it affects all Samsungs?

Hi @Calib. I would also try the steps mentioned in this Help Center page for issues with notifications on Android. You also want to make sure you do not have any Android apps that conflict with the Ring app. If these steps do not help, give our support team a call for further assistance.

My husband and I both have Apple iPhones. I don’t believe your Android is to blame as I don’t get a ‘ring’ notification when someone’s at the door, it just comes up on my screen. I had no bother for ages but this had been happening for a couple of months now. My husband has no issues!
I rang Ring and was talked through all the steps and all was fine for a couple of days. Any one else got any ideas other than what’s in the thread please?

Hello, sorry for not updating but here goes.

What has worked for me and is the only thing that has worked long term.

On your Samsung - settings, apps, Ring, storage, clear cache.

I find that once cache gets above around 2-3 mb thats when the notification sound stops.

Hope this helps

@Jaysadie Thank you for sharing the solution that worked for you!

I have an iphone. ringer on phone stopped working after nearly two years. I found that going in to settings—notifications and pressing immediate my ring doorbell now works perfectly.

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Make sure on your iphone that in settings the notifications are set to immediate.
It worked for me

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@user58380 Thanks for letting other neighbors know about this setting! :slight_smile: