No motion notification on my phone

My phone will not recieve notifications it did before, but not now, i have paid for the protect plan and i still dont get motion notifications. It doesnt pop up with red censors on the ring door

I am receiving no notifications on my phone from Ring doorbell. It doesn’t seem to still be connected to my wifi? It rings in the house but not on my phone. This has been since 3 days ago. Can you help please?

Hi @user75123. What type of phone are you using and what version of the Ring app is installed?

I have ring doorbell 4

I have ring doorbell 4. It is not sending notifications to my phone

Hi @user77549. If you are not getting notifications on your phone from the Ring app, make sure you have your Ring app updated to the latest version available. You also want to make sure you have enabled notification permissions on your phone for the Ring app. We also have this Help Center page with steps to try when notifications are not working on an Android phone and this page for iOS phones. I hope this helps.