No Motion Detection - Ring Video Doorbell Wired

I have a Wired Ring Video Doorbell and for the first month or two it worked fine, but recently i have not been getting any motion detection alerts at all, i have reset the device back to factory settings and configured with base configuration, increased the motion detection to max, still nothing… set it to low, obviously nothing. Even in the event history there is no logs of motion at all, despite the fact i go and dance around in front of it!

Any ideas or do i need to contact ring and seek a replacement

I have exactly the same issue. All was up and running very well. But, motion detection has been lost. I cannot reset it, no matter what try.

I have the same problem. Was there a resolution?

Hi neighbors. If you have double-checked your Motion Settings and have reset your Ring device, but it is still not detecting motion, reach out to our support team for further assistance. Give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here.

My ring door bell only picks up some motions.
I had someone in and out my house today and it only picked them leaving this had happened several times.
It only notifies me sometimes when someone presses the ring button.
I have checked all the settings

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