No IR at night

First night of new doorbell 3 Pro I had no video and from what I have read it is because it is staying in colour mode. Probably because of street light. is there a way to solve this.

Position isn’t an option.

I have a Blink cam which this 3 Pro was going to be upgrade for that works day and night,

Facing the same direction

Hi @V8rick. Do you have an example of the video that you can share demonstrating that the night vision did not come in at night? When attaching this video, you will need to compress the MP4 file into a ZIP file, as ZIP files can be attached to your reply and not MP4s. In addition, you can upload this video elsewhere, such as YouTube, and then share the link to the video in your reply. Alternatively, if the video is saved in the Event History in your Ring App, you can choose to share it via email and copy the link that is generated. I’d be happy to take a look and see what suggestions I can offer to help. :slight_smile:

The white is Stone door surround

@V8rick It looks like the file type you attached is a .rar file, which we are unable to open. You’ll need to compress the MP4 file into a ZIP file and attach it, or you can upload it to YouTube or another video hosting site and link it here. If the video is saved in your Event History, then you can get the share link for it and simply share that link as well.

Re: No IR at night

Eligible for return until 31 Jan 2021

@V8rick Thanks for sharing that video example! It looks like the wall on the left side of the Doorbell’s view is reflecting the light which is causing the rest of the view to be dark. Try angling the Doorbell away from this wall using a Corner Kit, which you can find on our website here. Once the light is not reflecting off of the wall, the rest of the view should be much clearer at night for you. :slight_smile:

Hi LOL I knew for some reason you would say that. I am Already useing ththe angle down plate as at top of 3 steps and path runs down Hill. Surely I cant use othe as well. ??

I have now put both on, Can’t wait for it to go dark. Hope my Mrs doesn’t bang her head on it LOL

I’m not painting house lol

Hi using down wedge and corner worked. It stcks out quite a lot but it worked. Thought you were being silly as me Mrs always tells me

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