No alerts of motion day or night time

My ring doorbell 4 is installed on my glass front door wirelessly. It is in a four by four alcove looking out at the street. Up close and personal deliveries will be made yet no consistent motion alerts are received. It will detect the first one then stop for all time. It appears that after any motion alert, several hours in between, I must tap the gear in the upper right corner of the picture, turn each setting off then back on or no more motion alerts will be sent. It is even worse at night as no motion alerts will be sent.
All settings are default. These settings will detect a truck and trailer passing on the street during the day at a 50ft distance.
It is connected via 5Ghz WIFI within 20ft of my AXE16000 router. 5Gbps Internet fiber connection. Signal strength is strong. Battery power is 90%.
Why are the alerts inconsistent?

Hi @shrike0064. I was able to find this Community post where another neighbor had a similar concern. There is a solution, with steps to try and what to do if those steps do not work.

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