Night Vision/IR only lighting up the door

Just received and installed Ring doorbell gen 2. Testing the night vision and can only see my front door, that is at a right angle to doorbell (see image). I’ve seen images in reviews that indicate it should be much better than I’m seeing and should be lighting up my pathway.

Any ideas?

I have similar on 3 Pro. See No IR further down. I think it’s because lights outside are to brite, causing cam to stay in colour mode

YOu get an Question back from Ring at 24hr intervals it seems

Hi @L_A_Evans. The Doorbell’s lights are reflecting directly off the door, which is why the rest of the view is dark. Try angling the Doorbell away from the door, and you should see an improvement in the overall view as the light will not be reflecting off the door like it currently is. You can use a Corner Kit to angle the Doorbell’s view away from the door. I hope that helps clear things up! :slight_smile:

I got that answer. If that doesn’t work paint door mat black LOL

I tried a corner kit but has not improved my issue. Looks like I’ll have to invest in a floodlight or IR illuminator. Already had to buy a Powerline WiFi adapter because the ring doorbells WiFi is poor (iPhone at the exact position as doorbell gets very strong WiFi). Ring doorbell plus an extra £70 should enable it to work as should.

Have you tried te down wedge and corner. It sounded silly to me but it worked