Night video

I have a battery powered spotlight cam, the night vision has always been bad(black and white) untill the other night when it was in color just the one time now its back to black and white. How can we keep the night video color? Here is a screen shot of the color video that we want to keep but can’t figure out how

Here is a screen shot of how the night video normally looks

Hi @user7631. Thanks for sharing these images! From the looks of things, the porch light is affecting the way your Cam is operating. If there is too much ambient light in the general area, the Cam will be unable to discern if it is day or night. This is why you are seeing the Night Vision activated sometimes, but not others. If you want to keep the color at night, I would suggest adding more ambient light to the area.

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Thank you Tom_Ring, we will look into your solution

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