Newly added devices missing in Alexa App


Earlier this week, I added the Ring alarm and a few sensors. They showed up in the Alexa app without any issue.

Yesterday, I added more sensors to the alarm system and a Doorbell Pro. None of these are discoverable, or appear in the Alexa App yet.

All sensors and the doorbell are recognized and work fine in the Ring app

The Alexa app’s “Discover Devices” function doesn’t find the new devices, but has no issue connecting to the first batch.

I renamed a couple of sensors. The first set show up with their original names on the Alexa side, the new ones don’t show up at all.

I disabled the Ring skill and re-enabled it.

So… the delay for new devices to appear is much longer this weekend than earlier this week, or there’s a problem in sync’ing the Ring devices (new names for earlier devices, and newly added devices). If there is a necessary data exchage between Ring and Alexa back-end systems, is there a way to trigger an update?

Update: Some hours have passed and the doorbell showed up in the Alexa app, and now works with Alexa. The newly added alarm system devices don’t yet:. A contact sensor, motion sensor, waterfreeze, and firstalert fire alarm.

Hey @ObiQuiet! The Contact Sensors and Motion detectors should be discoverable by the Alexa. If you try to sync many devices at once, it can sometimes take time before more are detected, but it sounds like you’ve given it ample time. Also, the Flood/ Freeze and Fire sensors are not available for Alexa integration at this time.

Please try the Contact and Motion Sensors again at your earliest convenience, and let us know how it goes.

Yes, they showed up when I tried this evening. The doorbell appeared later yesterday, after I posted.


That is just what I was hoping to hear! Glad this worked for you. For future neighbors who may have the same question, can you please accept my response above as a solution. This will make it easier to find for others. Thank you :slight_smile:

Sure, insofar as “wait” is a solution :wink: It should be possible for Ring to state what the expected latency is for sync’ing new devices over to Alexa, and if it fails what steps to take to trigger a re-sync.

Thank you @ObiQuiet! Also, I agree that a feature to help with Alexa discovering devices would be useful, I will share this with the team :slight_smile: