New to Ring

Before I buy my system I just wanted to ask a couple of questionsconcerning connect various items of the Ring system:

  • In the package or separately you can get a range extender. Can you install two range extenders in different parts of the house and they both will work in unison or is it necessary. I have a basement and was thinking of having one down there.
  • Can you use two key pads - one downstairs and one upstairs and they both work - no issues with the system having two key pads.
  • Can you install two Ring Floodlight cameras, one at the outside of the garage area and one at the back door and both will work on the Ring system.

Thanks for the help in advance.


Welcome, @tjames1228! These are all great questions. You’ll be happy to hear our Alarm Kits each come with a Range Extender, and are listed on our website with consideration of the different area sizes to cover. You may purchase additional range extenders, but keep in mind that z-wave travels much further than wifi would. If you are wondering about our Chime Pro wifi range extenders, these can be found in bundle promotions or purchased separately, and will work to extend wifi to your Ring Doorbell or Camera devices.

As for Keypads, you may certainly have multiple Keypads at one location, and they will all work as intended!

Last but not least, not only can you add Ring Video Doorbells and Cameras around your home, but they are all accessible in our convenient and feature filled Ring app. The Floodlight Cams can also be linked to the Alarm system in the Ring app, to toggle motion and lights if your Alarm siren is triggered (note: the Alarm system siren does not link to or automatically trigger a Ring Camera siren at this time.). I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the answers. It was what I was looking for to understand what I was buy and now feel comfortable in the purchase. Thanks again for the answer to my questions.

Have a good and safe day.

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