New Rule Setting

In advanced settings for the security camera there’s a way to set a motion schedule to pause motion notifications for the camera on a specific day and time. I would like to be able to set a motion notification pause of a specific zone within a security camera. The camera settings in the app can have multiple zones for notifications. I have three zones configured on my driveway camera. One of the zones covers my garage door. I would like one zone automatically paused during the day but active at night. This way when I’m walking in and out of my garage during the day I’m not constantly setting off the notification. I realize I can manually snooze the camera or disable a zone. I would like the pause or sleep to happen on an automatic schedule.


My exact thought, I have a lot of car and pedestrian traffic during the day and would Like to be able to shut off the street motion zone during the day, but would like that zone on at night.
just think about the server traffic savings :slight_smile:

This surely must be a simple feature to create? It would help me so much and make the the ring devices even smarter, as my neighbours and I share a driveway, so during the day I want that zone turned off otherwise I would get a lot of unwanted motion alerts, but at night, it would be great if the motion zone would authomatically turn on?