New Ring Mode Needed

The App needs 1 additional Mode: “Home and Asleep”

Reason: I have 6 exterior cameras, 2 doorbells, and 4 interior cameras. When I’m home during the day I want to know who is coming into my yard. I also have door sensors so that if a camera were to not work and an intruder enters my home it will alarm while I’m asleep. However, when I’m home during the day I want my cameras on, but do not want my boys setting off the alarm every time they go through one of those doors.

I can’t use Away Mode when I’m sleeping because that Mode is used to turn on all the interior motion sensors. First time a child or I get up in the middle of the night it will set off the alarm.


Home And Awake: Cameras on and door sensors/ window sensors off
Home And Sleep: cameras and door/window sensors on.
AWAY: everything on including motion sensors