New Ring Mailbox Sensor

Will the new Ring Mailbox Sensor work on the community mailbox? Our neighborhood mailbox looks similar to this one

I appreciate any feedback.

Thank you

Hi @connect. We do not recommend this for a shared mailbox. One reason is the Mailbox Sensor requires a Ring Bridge to communicate and if it’s too far, it will not work. Also, there may be rules or regulations for your shared mailbox and the Ring Mailbox Sensor may not be allowed. I would reach out to your HOA to see if it is in accordance with their rules and regulations. I hope this answer your questions!

Ok, thank you for the reply.

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If it will not reach that far why buy it. Most mail boxes are 20 to 30 feet.

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Where’s the video?
How do you roll out products with limited information?

Hi neighbors! The Mailbox Sensor connects using the Smart Lighting Bridge. For those who already own Ring Smart Lighting products, you are able to test distance between the Bridge and your mailbox using a Smart Light as a test.

The Smart Lighting Bridge will communicate with your Mailbox sensor via a low power radio frequency that is designed to reach much further than wifi. The reach of this signal can depend on Bridge placement and environmental variables. For more information on the Mailbox Sensor, check out our help center article as well as the Mailbox Sensor product page on I hope this helps! :slight_smile: