New Ring 4 Limited Features While on Call

Just installed Ring 4 and Chime Pro, all is good except for 3 issues that seem to be design flaws:

  1. When on a mobile call live view is automatically disabled by design and must manually be chosen. This is an easy fix by a few lines of code where it’s automatically enabled by default with the option to disable.

  2. Audio to/from doorbell is completely disabled by design when on a mobile call whether it’s on Wi-Fi or cell data.

Both of these features being disabled limits the functionality of the doorbell with #2 being the biggest issue. I gave a level 2 at Ring some valuable feedback and work arounds which she said she’d share with the app developers. The user should have the ability to enable or disable the audio when on a call so you can communicate with the person at the door (if it’s a friendly call who cares if they hear what you say to the person at the door, and if it’s a business call you should be able to disable). Again options/choices are key here. This is extremely important especially in the event of a life safety issue, i.e., when on the phone with 911 while caring for an injured/fallen person, and police, fire etc. arrive at the door, but you cannot communicate with them via the phone.

  1. The volume of the doorbell’s audio cannot be lowered as it excessively loud, my neighbor across the street can hear the conversations and there’s a thread here with 70 responses of people asking for this to be addressed. To be clear the volume of the ring tone of the unit itself can be adjusted, but not the volume of the audio.

I’d like t know if these are Ring only issues, or are other companies having the same limitations?

Ring if you’re listening, please fix these.