New replacement ring door bell

So 720p original ringdoor bell faulty replaced with doorbell 3. It wants me to subscribe again to a plan even though I deleted the old doorbell; surely that’s just dirty? A ring plan is a ring plan not tied to the device but the account surely? I will be very miffed at ring if I have to pay when o already have?

I’m kind of in the same boat.

Today my 1 year subscription got renewed and today my doorbell (Ring 1st generation) broke. What a coincidence.

I’m looking into buying a 3rd generation version, but if I have to pay again for the subscribtion I may have to look elsewhere. I do hope this question is answered quickly.

I just got off chat with the sales department and they informed me that you can get in touch with them after you have installed the new doorbell. They will then assist with the transfer of the new doorbell to your subscribtion.

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A ring plan is not a ring plan. There are 2 kinds. The basic is per device. The plus is all devices. I would contact customer service.
Information on customer support below.

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