New Product suggestion: Ring Chime - Low Voltage version

Hi there.
I’m considering the purchase of a “Ring Wired” doorbell. I specifically want this model so I never have to fuss with batteries. I understand that the Ring Wired doorbell will not work with my old chime so I need to buy a Ring Chime (I like the features of the Pro 2 model)… fair enough !

But wait, the Ring Chime Pro needs to be plugged into an A/C outlet. So now my dilemma is that I will be left with a hole in the wall with wires hanging out from where the old chime used to be. Sure, I could just leave the old chime in place doing nothing but I don’t really want to (cheesy). It’s old and fugly and replacing it is the real reason for this whole exercise. I also don’t want to have to shove the wires into the wall and plaster over it, then re-paint that section of wall as I still want to have access to the wires. What I WOULD like is to put the Ring Chime on the wall where the old chime was but of course there’s no A/C outlet there, just the transformer and doorbell wires.

The only way I can see doing this is to get inside the Ring Chime and bypass the internal A/C transformer then connect the doorbell transformer wires (already stepped down A/C) to the rectifier which will come out the other end as DC, which is what the Ring Chime electronics run off. (I’m an avionics electronic technologist and yes, I realize this would void the warranty.)
Has anyone else done this or know where I might get a schematic for the Ring Chime Pro 2 ?

Surely I’m not the only one who has faced this issue. I see this as a new product opportunity for Ring to offer a fully retrofitted solution… a version of the Ring Chime that operates off the existing low voltage transformer that can be placed where the old chime was, even if it means upgrading the transformer for more available current to supply both the doorbell and chime, the wiring is all there.