New Product Suggestion-Elderly Care Communication Devices

I live with an elderly parent and need a way to monitor/talk without invading privacy. I love my ring products - I started with the Ring doorbell and have expanded from there to add external & internal video devices. My product suggestion would be a detector that actually doesn’t have a video feature - but allows for two way talking that could be used in bedrooms & bathrooms as a way to talk my elderly parent when I am not able to be at home. I don’t want to put a video camera in private places - but would like to be able to link something to all my other cameras and devices and use the “live” feature to be able to contact my elderly parent while they are in private locations where a camera would not be ideal. Something that could be on a nightstand or next to the shower - and what would be great is a feature that would allow them to reach me through my phone app - so it would be two way talking - not just when I want to talk - but when my parent wants to talk with me. I just moved in with my elderly parent and I’m finding that calling on their mobile phone doesn’t always get their attention to answer me. This is the first time I’ve lived with my elderly parent - and I did just purchase the indoor camera to put in the kitchen as the stove is being left on and I can monitor that. But I tried to call my parent the other night on the mobile phone - and after calling 4 times and it going to voice mail I became very concerned that I couldn’t get in touch. I think adding a produce line of “elderly care” devices to be able to monitor your live in parents would be a great idea. The neighborhood we moved into has many multigenerational families - this seems to be a new trend - and having a way to communicate using the ring devices would be amazing. Additionally, housing communities are now even being built to accommodate multigeneration living. I think adding this type of product line would be a huge success and there is definitely a market for it.

Have you considered using the amazon echo/alexa devices for this? With the drop-in feature this would seem ideal. You can use them as a whole-house intercom system. With cameras if you want. amazon also has the Care Hub feature for those in a different location. Good stuff for elder care.

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