New password not updating

I recently changed my password. It allows me to get into the site, but is not updated on my computer screen. When I log in with the new password, a message asking if I want to update my password appears, but after I click on ‘update’, the old one reverts and I have to retype the new one. How can I get the main page to accept the new passord?

Hi @bbdata. Since this is going to be a setting on your internet browser, I would recommend going into the settings for the internet browser you are using, and deleting your password set for your page. If you are unable to delete specific passwords, you may want to remove all passwords to start over fresh. Therefore, once the password(s) is removed, the next time you log into, it should ask you if you would like to save the password. From there, it will keep the new updated password you have created. Hope this helps! :slight_smile: