New Outdoor Siren - what could be done better

Just installed the new outdoor siren, here are a few things that could be done better.

  1. In the App, all the alarm “online” devices (keypads, range extenders, base) show as green online. This one does not.

  2. The security screw is not a security screw, it is a plain phillips screw. This thing is easily stolen or disabled. Yes, you might get a tamper alert. Not much help before a break-in.

  3. Being placed outside, range is an issue going through the exterior walls. I could not place this where I wanted (yes I have range extenders). It would be nice if the intelligence was inside and a trip and power wire went to the outside. I get this would only work for this using a wired install.

  4. This thing is BIG. I get that Ring wants to advertise, but a more concealed outdoor siren is better and harder to disable. My old alarm had the outside siren under the over hang, actually inside the soffit. Also goes with point #3 above.

Why is there a need for solar panel
To recharge battery, when the outdoor siren as been hard wired , couldn’t the incoming electric be used to charge battery when needed, just a thought !!

Bull; I had an online chat with Ring this pm and they assured me that hardwiring would charge the optional battery pack. Just hope they have it right? It does seem ludicrous that the solar charger charges the battery but hardwiring doesn’t? Time will tell.

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Thanks for the reply, very much appreciated

I think this siren has been designed for the European market in mind. In the UK, it is very common to have an obvious, brightly coloured siren on the front of your house with the brand name on it; I don’t think it’s something the US do usually but I could be wrong