New Mode Request

Greetings! I love my rings products.

Currently there are three modes to choose from: Disarmed, Home, and Away. The Home and Away modes can be customized to include or exclude various sensors which is fantastic.

I believe the Rings system would be dramatically improved if users had the ability to add as many modes as they wanted.

As it stands, I’ve customized my Home mode to arm only the perimeter and my Away mode to arm the perimeter and motion sensors (1st and 2nd floor). However when I’m asleep on the 2nd floor, I don’t have an option to arm just the perimeter the 1st floor motion sensors. I would love the ability to add multiple modes to fit specific circumstances!

In my opionion, adding this ability would take Ring to the next level.


I appologize for the typos.

Completely agree. There should be a Night/Sleeping Mode. This can be like an in between of Home and Away… the primary reason is you might want to have a kitchen sensor or back door not armed during home (say you have a dog, letting them out etc during the day), but it should be armed while you’re asleep.

But you’re right – why not just let users make as many mode configurations as they want? That solves a lot of problems with one single feature :slight_smile:

This is exactly what is needed.

Totally agree, we need something like sleeping mode. Could be divided onto Home Day and Home Night for example.