New mandatory 2 factor authentication

Hi @MW5811. Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your Doorbell and Alexa device. I suggest sharing this concern, along with any troubleshooting steps you’ve done, in the Ring Integrations board. That way you’ll be able to get feedback from the Community to help correct the issue you are running into.

I’m sure not having the problems others are posting on here. I have an authenticator that I registered and use. I’ve only had to put it in once on my iphone and ipad and it stays logged in. If I’m on my mac then I’ve had to put it in but it gave me the option to stay logged in for 30 days (i believe) so I only have to put in my password and not 2FA until that time has expired. I’m perfectly fine how it is and it hasn’t slowed me down one bit.

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Until I can turn off 2FA, Ring will just be a STUPID DOORBELL. Connectedness and notifications are USELESS when I have to jump through hoops to see who’s at my door or who is moving around the door.
2FA for a doorbell and chime is ridiculous. Notifications OFF. Account OFF. Too big a hassle. I won’t be adding a service or buying any ring products.

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Not sure why your setup isn’t working as it should, but I never have to use 2FA when I’m accessing my notifications and view video on my phone.
Are you using your phone’s built in security measures (face id, fingerprint, pin)?

Just as a side note, 2FA is becoming a way of life unfortunately, so one might as well embrace it as it’s here to stay and will get even more widespread as time goes on.