New mandatory 2 factor authentication

Hey @Tom_Ring: mandatory 2FA is fine. But:

(1) Give users a way to remember their computers for at least 30 days without retriggering 2FA. Even banks don’t ask for 2FA every 30 days. On bank websites where people keep thousands (millions?) of dollars, you can go months (years?) without 2FA if you’re using the same browser on the same computer on the same IP.

(2) Give users ways to login or at least reset their accounts without having to call in to Ring. Sometimes people change phones/computers and have no access to their old phones/computers, AND they have no access to their Ring devices (away from home), AND they will need to log into Ring. Right now, they are SOL in this scenario. Due to 2FA, Ring is LESS secure and gives customers LESS control.

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Hey neighbors. Over the past year we have been making various efforts to ensure our neighbor’s safety when using their Ring products and services. In an effort to stay in line with industry’s best practices, Ring is phasing out email as a method of account verification as a part of Two-Step Verification, and the options that neighbors have now to log in are the SMS or an Authenticator App. If you are unable to use SMS verification, we recommend using an Authenticator App, which can be installed on a mobile device, PC, or laptop.

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Obviously Ring needed to increase security, when they had GAPING holes that allowed hackers to take control of indoor cameras in kids bedrooms.

BUT, as others have pointed out, those of us that only have video doorbells or external cameras, that are shared/viewed by a husband and wife, should get the choice of whether they need the restricted 2FA. A video doorbell that requires my wife to enter a 2FA code that is texted to my cell number, in order to see who is at the door when we are both away from home in different locations IS WORTHLESS!!!

I have worked in IT for 25yrs supporting a USA national association with extensive internal systems and web applications used by millions of members. We extensively tested changes before they were implemented. Ring is OBVIOUSLY not in the same class of business and is being run more like a “fly by night” operation! My video doorbell has been OFFLINE since Aug 1st when I was forced to switch to 2FA text!

Luckily there are several competitors with video doorbells!

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The MacOS Ring app is going away and now the two factor sign in means it takes too long to answer the door from the device I’m always on, my MacBook. Using to answer the door isn’t usable because of no notifications, anyway.

I guess I’m back to jumping up and going to see who is there. This Is dumb, Ring.

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So do thousands of others.

Ring really got this whole movement to Two - Factor Authentication WRONG!! School has started and I go to log into my Ring cameras from my desktop in my office, and I’m being forced to get a code from my cell phone to access my account. I work for a Federal Gov’t Agency, where cell phones are prohibited from entering the building, so the idea of retrieving any codes from my cell phone is just not an option for me. My kids are going to and from school while my wife and I are at work, so we depend on our Ring Cameras to watch my kids entering and exiting the house. I have 4 Ring cameras that are now useless to me. There really needs to be an option to completely opt out of the Two-Factor Authentication, or at least opt out of Two-Factor Authentication that requires access to a cell phone. There is a large population of Gov’t employees in the Washington Metro Area, that simply don’t have and will never have access to a cell phone during the day. Please Ring, give some thought to a better method that will make your service useful to all of your customers, like it was before this absolute move to Two-Factor Authentication.

Add me to the list of people exhausted by the two factor authentication. Couple that with their complete lack of customer support, and I find l’ve invested more hours trying to diagnose a problem with my Ring Pro than I care to admit. Enduring their hours-long hold times only to be disconnected at worst, or given a half answer at best, working through the 2 factor ID every time I log in to the community to desperately try and get answers that way…this is fast becoming the top of my personal list of “worst products I’ve ever bought.”

It is pretty ironic the Community required 2FA at every login, but to access my Dashboard I can pass 2FA one time and then all future logins just require username/password. Seems backwards to me.

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I do not want 2-step authentication, it’s really inconvenient as the verification goes to one of 2 phones and we are not always together.




I want to answer the front door using Rapid Ring, but cannot. Now a verification code goes to the other phone. This product no longer works for me.


You can now use an authenticator app for 2FA. Once set up on the apps, they work and haven’t had to do it until now that I logged in to Ring Community.

Also, I manage the devices, but invited and gave access to other family members. They have their own authentications and get their own 2FA prompts.

In fact, you can set up app authentications if you want to use 3rd party tools like Homebridge.

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You should listen to what your customers are saying in this forum. They are saying: we don’t want mandatory two-factor authentication (or mandatory anything really). It is more than a little annoying that you are ignoring what your customers so clearly want. I am entirely positive that in the end this type of decision will be the financial undoing of this company. I’ve watched it happen numerous times over the years. Easiest example: Blockbuster Video. They tried to decide what videos everyone should watch.


Likely the decision to go with 2FA was because of the likelihood that someone’s account would be hacked with the tendency of people recycling their passwords.
People should be grateful that a company cares about their security. If your bank(s) don’t use 2FA then you should find ones that do.
As for Blockbuster, it went out of business because of online streaming and mail DVD rentals. They just didn’t keep up with tech.

Annoying and unnecessary. You already had 2FA by email. Enforcing TXT message 2FA is overreach and inconvenient for companies that may have several people sharing resources.

No, its not practical to give each one their own login in every circumstance. Dont you know that some persons will not or cannot use their mobile phones at work for many different reasons. For some this then places an onus on the employer to compensate employees by forcing them to use their personal phone.

It would seem Ring didnt give this much thought.

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Ring doesn’t force you to use a phone for your 2FA. I’m using a web based password manager to do mine and I never have to use my phone, just a browser.

The value of a video doorbell, is to be able to immediately answer it, no matter where you are. Needing to run to a computer and login to answer your doorbell OR get a 2FA code and enter it before you can view is practically useless.

2FA should be an option that you can disable if you only have a doorbell, aren’t overly concerned about security and don’t want to use an authenticator app!

And forcing someone to enter a 2FA code to access this support site is beyond STUPID!!!

The fact that Ring is doing nothing to address this after months is unacceptable! Friends have converted to Nest doorbell and are much happier. I am going to make the switch soon.

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The fact that AMAZON bought RING back in 2018 and is now making all of these changes kind of feels like AMAZON Wants People to Dump the RING System now and by making it as difficult as possible is one way of doing it… This Two Factor system Isn’t Really to help CUSTOMERS Is It?

Yes, two factor authentication is helping customers. For the minor inconvenience folks should be embracing 2FA wherever they do business.
If your financial institutions don’t use 2FA now, you should leave them for ones that do.
Do you really want to wake up one day with videos from your devices posted on the internet because you didn’t like 2FA? Or your accounts drained? Really?

I absolutely loathe 2FA and hate that everyone is forcing us to it. I just went through a nightmare of a time the other night with ring and 2FA…had to put in a code about half a dozen times because I had to keep re-logging into the site to change anything.

On top of that, whether it’s ring or another site, I’m not always going to have my phone on me or my e-mail client open…so then I have to go into another room to get my phone. :roll_eyes:

2FA can suck a fat one, find a better option… :unamused:

Ring isn’t forcing you to use your phone or email for 2 factor.
I use a web based service (password manager) that generates TOTP code that I use to access Ring. All one needs is a browser.

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We are viewing Ring from our phones in the Ring app when we are away from home! We aren’t sitting at a computer on a browser. What you are suggesting the average user can’t understand or begin to implement!

Of course, everyone should use 2FA with their financial institutions. But if all you have is a video doorbell or outside cameras, why should you be forced to use it? There should be an option to disable 2FA for users that only have a video doorbell and don’t want the extra security OR want to use advanced abilities like “Alexa show my front door” and it displays the video on my TV! Since 2FA was implemented I get “Front Door is not responding”!!!

BUT what is especially dishonest and misleading, RING still advertises this ability on their website,, when they give the error “Communication with Front Door disabled because the request started from linked Alexa device”

You are the only 1 on here arguing in favor of Ring forcing us to use 2FA. Everyone else on here is upset about being forced to use it! I agree with Chaz9876. It seems like Amazon only bought Ring, to screw it into the ground! Must be competing with something else they own or want to promote!

Friends have switched from Ring to Nest and couldn’t be happier!