New mandatory 2 factor authentication

You may have marked this issue as RESOLVED, but I and others are still having to put up with this nightmare. This single problem very quickly is making me want to drop Ring completely. And due to the fact I have recently moved and don’t have all of my Ring devices installed, it’s not going to take much convincing. A local alarm company has all the video components you have and I won’t have to do a thing, all for $35 a month. You’d better hop to it Ring.


I spend all of my time signing in! Loathe this product. It does not recognize me as an authorized user. Makes me sign in over and over and over on my devices. How is this seamless? How does this make an intruder think I am home when I am away when it doesn’t let me in when I am home?

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This is terrible. I have had to enter these codes over a dozen times in the past two hours as I do routine management and maintenance of my multiple lcoations and devices. Seriously, this has me on the verge of selling the whole pile of stuff. Moreover, I have two-factor explicitly disabled in my profile yet the setting seems to be ignored.

In case any Ring product manager has really thought about this, they should consider that users like myself may not have reliable SMS across all the locations so that does not work. I already have to carry multiple cell phones as a result. Having to wait for an email to arrive, especially with spotty Internet access and accounts that have other email issues is unrelaible especially in an urgent situation. Next, the current implementation does not seem to fingerprint access correctly so it requires an email exchange in my case for EVERY LOGIN.

While I worry a lot about Internet security, this is an infantile, poorly thought through way to implement higher security for Ring users and accounts. THIS MUST BE RETHOUGHT AND REMOVED UNTIL THEN.

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You could set TFA as a default

I don’t even mind TFA and wouldn’t even want to disable it, **provided it would not require me to re-enter yet another TFA every time I follow a link on your page, never having logged out. ** This is like a bad joke! I am very new here, so don’t know of the other complaints are valid, as I haven’t even installed the doorbell yet (been waiting for the battery to charge for hours!) if I discover that I have to wait minutes to answer, I will be returning it!

I can log into my bank account and spend as long as I want only have to use TFA once - and none when I’m using the phone, it accepts my touch log in. Why would a door bell need more security than a bank?

I am studying the webpage while waiting for the battery to finally charge, and have had to use TFA countless times already

This 2FA is killing me. I can’t believe I just had to use it again to write a post. I was already logged in! What are they so afraid of? The biggest problem for me is that many of my 12 devices will often show red or offline when they are not. I can see them from other instances of the App. The guidance I received from support was to log out then back in. This actually does work and the devices become available. It would be nice if the App worked properly as the video is already so slow to load. So, when someone is on the street and I want to look at video it is not available. The workaround is to log out then log back in. When I do, I have to wait for an email then input a verification code. Put out a disclaimer that turning off 2FA is at my own risk and I will accept it. I hate this forced exercise. Does anyone know if Nest does this to customers? I have 5 of their smoke alarms so I should just switch over to their devices and sell this Ring stuff on CraigsList.

I hate two-factor authentication!

You and the lawyers are just protecting yourselves.

Funny part is, I logged in, then read articles about the silly two factor authentication and when I hit “reply” I was asked to login again? What the heck? You send me emails about logging in to be sure it’s me, but then require me to login again within a few minutes?

You can’t keep track of me…any better than I can manage all the delays in just getting to the features I want because they are locked in a virtual Fort Knox.

Be humble, admit your mistake and roll back the Two-Factor authentication.

If this two-step login nonsense is your idea of increased security, I’ll take my chances with the old system. It’s a huge pain in the backside! If I’d known this was part of the package I would have never purchased Ring. :rage:

looking back on the history of this discussion, it has been going on well over a year, with many promises to take it back to the development team and yet here we are, with the same very annoying problem. It seems the only way to get Ring to remove this incredibly annoying system, will be to give it as much adverse publicity as possible. Can’t believe your developers have not done something about this already.

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Hi neighbors - we hear you & will work on updating what we can for the Community. Please be patient as we take your feedback into consideration and make any appropriate changes. Thanks.

The above was posted last Feb 2020 by Jennifer_Ring…obviously a complete lie.

Do I have to set it up for every device I access my Ring from? I set it up for my tablet, but now I am being asked to set it up on my phone. Once should be enough.

Hi @MNSwede. At Ring we value your security and your safety. While 2SV cannot be turned off, you can pick between text message or email verification codes, whichever is easier for you. In addition, we allow for a Remember Me option from the browser when using, and if you are logged into your Ring app on your phone and open the app at least once every 30 days, it should keep you logged in. Check out our Community post about account security for more information. As we always value our neighbors’ feedback, I will ensure that this experience and your feedback is passed onto the appropriate teams here. Thank you, neighbor!

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This sounds like what we all need. Would you be kind enough to “tell us how” to do it?
-The best solution is to set up each user in your family as a Shared User with their own Ring Account on the cameras to be shared. 2FA is managed for each account so there is no need to share the codes that are only needed on mobile devices for new logins once.- Thanks, RJ

Can I “trust this device” or “trust this browser” so that I don’t have to authenticate myself when posting to the Ring Community every few few minutes on the same device?

The Community forums logs me out after some minutes of inactivity and it is a hassle to go through the 2FA every 30 minutes.

Use a cookie and remember my browser.


Your 2 step verification doesn’t seem to be turned off for a device. I hate this. It makes signing in using a cell phone impossible. I have to use my laptop which I do NOT carry with me.
I would never buy another ring doorbell and suggest my relatives and neighbors and friend never buy one because signing in ring app from devices with 2 steps and emails is near impossible!

2 Step verification should not be forced onto a user if they chose not to use it. Amazon seller account for our company is totally inaccessible now because the person who set it up has left the company and the phone numbers that were registered with the account were changed when the company moved and it appears that all the asking shows Amazon is incapable of addressing this so we are getting orders being placed and we have no access to our Amazon account because we cannot verify the 2 step verification. I am afraid that ring could get us in a similar situation and I really really really would like to have the choice to turn it off. It is my account and if I want to run it without the 2 step then it should be my choice and not another ring (amazon) policy forced onto users without the chance to opt out. Big tech does not always know best!!

The Ring 2FA system is just horrible. Even when I am logged into my account, if I try to open a community page, it makes me log in again, but will say it “doesn’t recognize the browser” so I have to authorize a “new device” which is really, just another tab on a browser that is already logged into my Ring account. Using a PC to monitor doorbell alerts is likewise, virtually impossible as I have to enter 2FA nearly every time I try to open the page. By then, the person is gone.

The issue is that people continue to use crap UserID/password combinations across multiple accounts. To protect The Ring brand from damage mandatory 2FA was introduced after the last set of “Ring Hacked” stories, where users found strangers talking through their cams. Nothing to do with Ring at all - but they took a lot of bad mis-informed press due to users being compromised on other sites and their creds being used to access their Ring account.

General access via the Ring apps is fine with 2FA, but for forum access via a browser it is a bit awkward.


I want this to be optional. It’s not necessary in my case.

This is not a solution it’s to hard to keep 6 family members log in at all times take this away what are they going to steal my camera videos who cares we not protecting the spaceship

What are you protecting videos of my front door who cares this is not the nasa space shuttle here

Is your team asleep for a year? You need a better team to get this fixed simply make it a option end of story see I’m new here and fix it in minutes!!!