New language request - I can help if needed

I’m from Brazil and I recently bought the Pro 2 device and I’d like to have it in Portuguese. If possible, I’d like to offer my help to translate both the iPhone app and the device voice to Portuguese. Is it possible to provide you the translations? I can even record any voice messages to get my native language fully supported by ring. How can I help?

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I would like to translate to Portuguese - Products / Video Doorbells - Ring Community

Please guys, add Brazil/Portuguese support for Ring devices.

Portuguese language has more than 200 million native speakers. Ring, it’s time to have it as a language option in your devices.

You ship to the “rest of Europe,” which includes Portugal.
Here’s the thing: I have Ring systems in Switzerland and Portugal, but none of them supports Portuguese (from Portugal or Brazil).
So please consider supporting Portuguese, as you are indeed selling ring devices to Portugal without any language support. We are NOT Spanish, and we do NOT speak Spanish.
Thank you for considering the request. :smiley: