New House: Doorbell "owned" by someone other than seller: CS not only unhelpful, but didn't understand the problem!

My wife and I completed the purchase on a new house with a Ring Pro this week, “professionally” installed with shims and glue! Once we had internet on Tuesday, I tried to setup the hard-wired Ring Pro. Apparently, it is “owned” by someone else; however the seller had released it months ago when they had moved out, and the house sat vacant for months.

Someone, who is not us, not the selling agent, and not the previous freeholder of the house, has claimed “ownership” in the interim. Calling Ring to explain this is an issue is a problem, and the offered solution was to contact the current “owner” of the device to have them join the call or get 30% off a new one (which were cheaper last week when this all started).

This being London, there is public BT wifi from the pole just outside the house, so the “owner” could walk up, knowing we’re now in, connect it, and monitor our comings and goings, which are frequent as my wife is undergoing radio-chemo therapy.

What do I have to do, besides smashing my door frame with a Cricket Bat, to make sure some criminal doesn’t have access to our camera?

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I keep asking to assist with others having access to home security and not just cameras.

That’s shocking! So they are quite happy to let someone else have control of your camera? Surely that’s allowing surveillance of your property?

Hi neighbors. Ring devices can only be set up under one Ring account at a time. If you move into a home with a Ring device already installed, the original owner needs to remove it from their account in order to allow you to set it up under your Ring account. Please keep in mind that you will need to access the QR code on the Doorbell to complete the setup process. This is typically located underneath the faceplate or on the back of the Doorbell itself.

If you are unable to set up the Ring device, it is likely still on the original owner’s account. The best step is to ask the original owner to remove the device from their account. You can find more information on device ownership here. If there are circumstances preventing you from doing so, you will need to contact our support team to see what other options are available.