New glitch—cannot save brightness

After tweaking my entire in network probably 15 times over the past two months, I still enjoy this rabbit hole. The network has not worked consistently without glitch from the beginning. Still, I love the product and appreciate the improved security and comfort when the system is working.

Has anyone else come across this new glitch: when adjusting brightness in an individual lights settings, it no longer saves via iPhone or iPad. if I want to adjust the brightness of any adjustable light, the save button does nothing and the prompt requires you to leave without editing.

anyone else?

Hey @tenorGJ. Happy to look into this further for you if you’re still having this concern! Could you please capture a screen recording of this feature not saving for you?

Thanks but I decided to go ahead and strip out the entire network and start over, curing the concern.

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I’m also having this issue. Can someone from Ring assist please

Hi @jameshicks, I’d be happy to look into this further for you. Can you please share a screen recording of this behavior happening? :slight_smile:

It’ll be much later tonight (about 12 hours from now) - have to wait until it’s dark enough.

I just got the lights 2 days ago - set them up and they are very dim when they turn on. It’s also not very intuitive to adjust the brightness when you have 7 lights in a group, but when I do try to adjust for each light - it brightens only momentarily.