"New Features" notification will not go away

Does anyone have an actual solution to get rid of the forced viewing of hardware products or features. I just don’t want red all over my app, the inability to clear notifications is really bothersome. Long version below…

New to Ring, and so far pretty disappointed and frustrated with everything about the system. I have a google nest hello and simplisafe at my house, and they have both been relatively intuitive to use. My parents recently got a house with a Ring system and I was given the job of setting it up. Boy was I not expecting what a hassle it would be, or how cluttered and confusing the app would be.

Biggest issues:

  1. having to dig around in the app to see anything other than the cameras.
  2. setting up new devices took forever, and I had to get help from someone more technically minded (and I’m reasonably savvy myself).
  3. The red dots and numbers all over the app that I can’t get rid of.

Actually now that I’m through the setup, probably #3 is the worst. I have tried other suggestions to look at every product and feature to remove all the red numbers in the side menu, but I couldn’t remove the last two. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, and they all returned! Now they won’t go away at all! This is so, so frustrating. Every time I open the app it bothers me, and at this point I would never recommend anyone get a ring system.

However, if anyone has an actual solution to the red notices all over the app for ads and features I want nothing to do with, please tell me! I’m using an Android phone.

Hey neighbors! We’ve implemented a new aspect to this section of the Ring app to address this concern. If your New Features notifications won’t go away, you can can manually clear it in the Ring app. Tap on What’s New and then tap the icon with a check mark in it on the top right. If you’re running iOS, you can find more information on how to do this and troubleshoot notification issues on iOS here. If you’re running Android, you can find more information on how to do this and troubleshoot notification issues on Android here.

In the event that your Ring app is still not behaving as it should, we recommend reaching out to our support team for additional help. If the steps in that article do not resolve your concern, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here so they can take a closer look. If you are outside of the US, please go here to see how to contact support.

Very disappointing to discover that the control app for a $200 doorbell is adware/malware. There’s just no other word for it. Disappointing.


SolarEclipse -

Are you actually attempting to DEFEND Ring’s obnoxious, offensive, intrusive advertising tactics in the Ring app? If so, why would you do so?

First of all, you’re obviously seriously understating the pervasive nature of advertising tactics in the Ring app. As you presumably know… advertising appears in MANY places within the Ring app (and Neighbors app).

Second, I’m not sure why you would try to claim the that advertising tactics in the Ring app are “pretty normal” and “not even obnoxious” like some apps you’ve used. Are the apps you are referring to associated with hardware/software/services that you actually purchased (i.e., rather than in so-called “free” apps)? I can only think of one app in that category. (Interestingly, when I’ve spoken to people who have used that app, they are typically either interesting in finding an alternative or have already discontinued the use of the app.)

Finally, I can’t imagine how anyone could possibly condone incredibly offensive tactics (such as forcing users to click on the “Shop Deals” menu choice) in order to remove the small Red dot on the Menu icon and the Red number icon to the left of the Shop Deals menu choice. (One would hope such tactics discourage users from purchasing Ring products in the future.)

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I agree whole heartedly! I have a bit of an OCD issue and this causes me stress. I check the app daily and no matter what I have a red dot. I’ve sat for HOURS trying to rid myself of it. It Haunts me. I’d love to know why it’s even necessary? Would someone in hopes of new features not go looking for them? Could we maybe get emails instead and be allowed to opt out? I don’t need to see ANY new features really…I got the doorbell, that’s all I want. Tell me when someone is at my door and when neighbors need assistance and leave me alone after that.

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Hey Chelsea, do you have a manager that could maybe come on by the forum and talk to us? You don’t seem to be passing along the THOUSANDS of people complaining about this red dot. I’m currently looking for another service and product SOLELY because of the “New Features” tab. We don’t need that tab. Email is what’s new. And then we can opt out of your emails marketing. PROBLEM SOLVEDDDD.


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This is still appearing and very annoying. If Ring can’t fix I’ll be sending all my products back and purchase Blink cameras. It’s not science Ring!!!

Hi neighbors, our team is aware of an issue affecting iOS where the “What’s New” badge notifications are not properly clearing. Make sure your Ring app is updated, and ensure you have reached the end of the “What’s New” section. If you’ve done that, and the badge notifications are still there, please reach out to our support team at one of the numbers here. They can notate your ticket accordingly so you receive an email when this issue has been resolved. Thank you!

I reached out to support a few days ago and they told me to check for updates here… I have an iPhone and have tried every “solution” that has been suggested. It’s been 3 years…I’m confused as to why there still isn’t just an option to mark all as read after literally years of this going on.

I have marked all the new features in the New Features section as read, but it still shows 1 New Feature. Already tried deleting and reinstalling, but still can’t clear it. It’s nothing major, just annoying me.

It’s quite literally been YEARS since this was first reported and it’s still busted. None of the solutions mentioned work. Even deleting and reinstalling the app … which would clear out any bad data … doesn’t work. So either being forced to view every single Ring product in the Amazon app isn’t decrementing the counter on one of the listed products or this bug has been allowed to linger intentionally. Perhaps someone’s bonus is tied to Ring Product Page views? Either way …Ring should be embarrassed by this nonsense. Personally I would prefer to see all ads simply REMOVED from the app altogether and leave the marketing to email.

This issue has plagued the Ring App for years. For a brief time there was an option to clear the red dot but later revisions of the app are missing that “icon with a check mark in it on the top right.” that Chelsea_Ring] suggested in a June '21 post. This should not be difficult to put back in as it was once there. I don’t know why this hasn’t been addressed before now.

Same. Very annoying.
However, I rather think this request will be filed with all the other requests submitted on this page.
In the bin.

Well Ring released a new version of the app (5.67.0) one hour ago and the What’s New does not show highlighted and the Dashboard no longer has the red dot. Hope it stays this way!

ETA - I did get the Whats New to show something new and clicking it made the redt dot and whats new icons clear the red dot so I’m encouraged that they have worked on this issue - and maybe it’s fixed! At least since updating the app it’s worked as I would hope it should …

I had to force an update (iOS) but the red dot has gone on my app too. V5.67.0
One thing that seems to be new is a new red dot next to the camera titles on the front page that seems to show the number of notifications (mine showed 9+). It disappears when you go into Event History.
Edit: There are lots of “New” notifications on products now such as LED Settings on Door Contacts which aren’t new at all, but I guess they can’t fix something without breaking something else in the process!!!

This appears to be fixed in v5.67.0!


Not only has this issue been resolved in the latest update to the Ring app the option to manually “Mark all new features and products as seen” has been restored to the What’s New page.


Yes. Finally. I simply signed out of the APP and signed back in after viewing all the recommended products. Was annoying more than anything. I also unlinked to the Amazon suggestion , never received 10% off. May link back later when time to renew sub. Thanks everyone who has asked about the red dot notification not clearing.

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