New Feature??

Motion warnings (see picture) This was posted by a member of a U.K. Facebook group. Can a Ring community employee confirm that this is a rolling out new feature? Seems as though when the doorbell triggers to record a voice on the doorbell tells them they are being recorded.

Hi @Benlfc. This feature is currently only rolling out in the US. Our team appreciates your feedback as we look forward to rolling this out to all neighbors. Some non-US neighbors might have received this feature because their device had been setup in in US locations previously. We’ll certainly keep you updated on this feature and when it will be available to all neighbors. Thank you for your patience!

Any update on this? It still has not rolled out to me yet and I have 14 devices

Hi @Broggybaby. Thanks for your interest in this feature! This is still rolling out to all of our users. For some features, we use a “slow roll out” to ensure functionality remains intact as our neighbors Ring app gets updated with this feature. Thank you for your continued patience.

Any update? This is taking forever to rollout