New Chimepro

I currently have the 1st generation, Video Door Bell Pro , Flood Light Cam, Chime, and Chimepro, In a quite small house with a 38 meg Fibre connection,
But never had the best of experiences connecting whilst out in the community
I am thinking of buying the second generation Chime Pro
Do you think this will improve my quality of connection or would you advise that I just stay with my current set up?

Hey @mmc308. The new Chime Pro has dual band switching between your home wifi’s networks of 5.0 Ghz or 2.4 Ghz, so some neighbors with the new Chime Pro has seen this improve their Ring devices’ performance when connected to that Chime Pro network! I recommend to give it a shot, and if you do not feel it made a difference and no longer wish to have the device, you can also return it back to Amazon or Ring in 30 days with our 30 day money back return policy, as long as you buy it originally from either company. :slight_smile:

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I was just about to purchase this on Amazon, however the reviews on Amazon are recommending not a great improvement and an even worse transmission of signal than they currently have and the light stays on all of the time?
May need a re-think?


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@mmc308 Just wanted to provide some inside on this! When the product was first released, we did have a concern with the night light always staying on. You can see how that was in our Community post here. This has since been resolved!

For the network concern, this is something where it still can be hit or miss for some neighbors. I always recommend to try it, see if it works, and if purchasing from Amazon, you should have a 30 day money back guarantee if you wish to return it. Everyone’s home network, speeds, and channel setup is different, so it’s always best to try first to see if it’s something that works well for you. :slight_smile: