New Chime Pro not ringing


I installed today my newly purchased new chime pro. Unfortunately it’s not making sound when the doorbell is pressed. When clicking “test sound” in the app it does work.

Any ideas?

Hey @Moere! Confirming that the test sound works, this is a great sign that your Chime is online and operational. The best next thing to check is linked devices. Visit each individual Ring device in your Ring app, and select the Linked Chimes tile. This will allow you to enable the ring and motion alerts toggles, thus linking the Chime to notify. Next, please visit your Chime in the Ring app and select it’s Audio Settings tile. There you will see options for volume and Chime Tones. Once the desired Ring devices are linked to notify your Chime and Chime Tones are selected, you should then hear sounds. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks! This worked

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