New Android Phone - Missing Ring App Alert Tones - HELP PLEASE!!!

My last phone died an untimely death just as I had everything the way I wanted it of course. I back up everything and that has included the Ring App Alert Tone sound files especially since the spoken alerts were introduced. For whatever reason much like the blue screen of death my phone and all of it’s data was not recoverable. That includes all of the data that was backed up in the cloud. I still cannot get a straight answer from Verizon on that one.

Anyway I had to get a new phone so since I had a Motorola Android I went ahead and got the Moto Z4 running Android version 10. Everything seemed fine as I was able to piece together much of what I had on my previous phone via my external hard drive and copying the apps from my Google account.

Well that was until I loaded the Ring App and started fine tuning all of the settings for each of my individual devices. And I only even started fooling around with the settings in the Ring App because I kept hearing the standard Ring doorbell and motion alert wind chimes about 60+ times a day for a couple of days which seemed a little odd.

I was used to hearing things like: someone is at your front door or someone is at your back door and motion at floodlight cam or motion at spotlight cam just to name a few. When I went to Device / Device Settings / Alert Settings / App Alert Tones / Motion or Ring Alerts / Advanced / Sound / I have 9 Ring Alert Sounds and 1 Ring Spoken Alert.

I immediately uninstalled the Ring App and reinstalled. I checked permissions. I checked all of the files on the phone hoping the sound files just got misfiled. I searched the community, online, everywhere I could think of. I was for sure Ring would have the sound files online. I could not find anything. Given the number of Ring devices I have the spoken alerts have become indispensable to me and my family.

I could be totally wrong here, but I thought I remembered every time I installed a new device new Ring App Alert Tones automatically showing up in the list of sounds. I just added a new device and nothing new showed up under Alert Tones.

Without them I hate to say it, but the Ring system is chaos and not of as great a value. I say this because you never know what is happening where which makes the audible alerts useless. There are too many devices to remember individual sounds for each. I’ve already missed 2 packages that required signatures for delivery because I didn’t know which door the delivery driver was at and by the time I went from the one door to the other the driver was already gone.

The pop up notifications are still great, but there are many times that I don’t have my phone on me in the house, have my hands full and/or it’s just more convenient to hear the alert than to have to pick up my phone and read it.

Is there somewhere to download the Ring App Alert Tone sound files including spoken alerts that I lost? If not is there anyone who has a copy of the Ring App Alert Tone sound files including spoken alerts that would be willing to send them to me?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thank you in advance,


Here’s a Dropbox link for all my Ring notification tones.
Hope this helps.


Thank you very much for sending. Unfortunately those are pretty much the same as what I have. I’d really like to get the spoken alerts back from wherever it is in space that they went to. Regardless I really appreciate you taking the time and effort to reply and especially to send me your files.

I am having the exact same problem and I also have a moto phone. My old phone was a moto G and the new one is a moto Stylus. I called ring and went threw all the lame attempts with Ring India Customer no service. They couldnt resolve. I will try posting on thier user site on Facebook. Only other thing I can think of is un installing each camera then re-installing them and see if those verbal sounds come back. That should take up a good portion of my day since I have a few cameras! Ring- Never again!!!

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Similar issue. Me and wife have same phones. I have all the tones as you mention above but wife doesn’t. They must be there somewhere but can’t see what activated them appearing on mine but not hers. It’ll be same for you.

I’ve actually just found my wife’s. On mine the ring tones appear along with other tones. Wife’s doesn’t, however a bit at top of her screen says select song. If I click that it has various songs she has on her phone but scrolling down it has all the Ring ones.
Different phone to you but see if you maybe have something similar happening.


I’ve also had this problem.

All the ring tones are available on my wife’s ios (apple) devices.

If I install ring on an old moto or huawei running Android 6 then I get all the ring tones including Dogs, “someone is at your door”, etc.

HOWEVER when I install on my latest samsung Android 10 I get a mutch reduced set of ring tones - no dogs, no “someone is at your door”

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Same here. Driving me crazy for days already. Have new Note20 Ultra. No sounds but the default Samsung notification, Spaceline, even though I gave storage access permission. No RING sounds at all. I am new to Android, and when my doorbell rings or someone passes by, I get the usual Notification sound that I get on everything else. Have no clue it’s Ring Doorbell. I called Ring and so far, they have no answers where the sounds are either but said they’re working on it. Works fine on my iPhones, iPad and of course the chime devices in the wall. I’m twisted by now.

Eagle328, I really appreciate the sounds. On my new Samsung S20, I copied them to Internal Storage -> Notifications/Ring and I can now select the sounds I want.

One thing - you may have shared more than you wanted. You should delete the backup directory from your dropbox share.

I created a zip file with your sound files only, and attached it to this post. You can stop sharing from your dropbox entirely.

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To DONALDDUCK: You basically had an answer for me. I had to search in other areas of my Note20 Ultra, all new to me too. It was in my Audio files, but just 2 rings, the ones I needed: The default ring and the wind chimes. And for me, the answer was to reinstall the app again, for the 5th time…and after giving permission for storage, I went to the Alert Tones and Motion Alerts, and where it says Sound, it says App Provided Sound. Now, I didn’t touch it at all because I was afraid it would default back to the Samsung sound. But now it works, as long as it says App Provided Sound. Thank you.

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I’ve been having same problems on new Samsung A21… no Ring alert tones downloaded… and in the files it only shows Ring doorbell and motion notifications… 0B … Dec 31 1969 7:00pm. This makes me think the app might be corrupted… but good luck getting anywhere to get any help… And with out the tones it makes the equipment useless… Appreciate the dropbox files… but not sure how to make it work… I downloaded the dropbox and the files but it says can’t open… do you have any idea how I get this link you downloaded into my phone? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

I’d try first uninstalling the app. Then turn your phone off and back on. Then reinstall the app again.
If it doesn’t work, you’d have to download the files and place them in the Ring folders. It’s a bit complicated if you’re not familiar with moving files around on your phone.


I just searched this date issue. I knew I saw this before in my years. Make sure your new phone’s time setting is correct and set to use the network provided time and network provided time zone. Make sure it’s all correct. Then reboot and try to reinstall again. Hopefully that will correct the file issues.


thanks for the help… hope it works…I did get two of your chimes in the phone thru the dropbox…(somehow) and even though they don’t show up in the app alert tones, it says for sound notification… app provided sound… and it works. I may just go with that for now (cause I’m so sick of messing with this) but will definitely try your suggestions. (but I have done the uninstall, restart etc… ) but will check on the time/ network etc. Thank you

Same issue here with new Moto phone. Downloaded the sounds using Dropbox and I now have the ring tones I lost getting this new phone. THANK YOU!

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Maybe a bit weird but in my case the folder with the sounds was available and inside my Audio folder, but it was not detected by the app.

After like 3 re-installs I just removed the folder that contained all the RING Tones and restarted the app. Suddenly they were all there again…

I finally resolved issue regarding alert ringtones. My alert tones were on phone. Just unable to get them on Ring app. 1) Internal storage . 2)Ringtones 3)Ring 4) audio. Copie any or all of the ring tones. Then move them to notifications folder back from the internal storage you started from. Than check your ring app. They should appear there. If not reinstall Ring app. Good luck folks. This drive me crazy that Amazon Ring nor Samsung could help. Happy new year all.

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