New accessory request - light for alarmed/disarmed

Ring alarm system - For those of us who aren’t looking at the base, a new product that is just a light showing blue for unarmed and red for armed would be helpful. I would put one near the door where the base isn’t and one upstairs to show alarm status.

I have the keypad. I just looked at the settings and see it’s on Power Save mode. My guess is that doesn’t light the mode it’s in. Not very intuitive but I’m sure that’s why it doesn’t display the status. I’ll turn that off and give it a try. Thanks!

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There’s possibly a hacked way to do this now:

  • Use IFTTT or Alexa or similar.
  • Buy a cheap smart plug.
  • Tie “arm/disarm” status to that plug. With some services (Alexa Guard), you may have to tie Ring’s arm/disarm to that service’s arm/disarm and use that service’s arm/disarm routine.
  • Plug in your choice of light.

A dedicated device would be useful though.